Some projects I've worked on over the years.
A few also come with sources.

VirtascendVirtascend is a VR project which is still in development. It already offers a 3D World that runs on Client+Server where people can meet, chat, view images together and can exchange files. It's also cross-plattform for Windows and Linux and can probably be ported easily to further systems thanks to using the Irrlicht engine and the boost software libraries. Further features are planned, but we're looking for interested sponsors. If you need a VR with a brand new architecture please get in contact with Vlastimil Kudrnac (info*at*

H-Craft Championship A 3D-SciFi-Racer called H-Craft Championship . I've worked on this project together with Philipp using the Label irrgheist. It's a very fast-paced game, runs on Windows and Linux systems and there is a free Demo available. We plan to release further projects in the future, but we're still figuring out how to finance them. If you are interested in sponsoring a racing game, for example as advertisment, you are welcome :-)

Anifast - a small tool to help saving coordinates for sprite animations as XML. Runs only on GNU/Linux and is mainly for 2D game development.

Pixalco - another tool which runs so far only on GNU/Linux. A (rather rudimentary) framework which I started to test c++ image manipulation algorithms for movies.

Two games I've written in the Computer Stone Age (DOS), not yet professional, but still fun to play. They still seem to run on most Windows systems or on dosbox when you are using a GNU/Linux system.

StahlwurmStahlwurm A nice worm game for 1-2 player with graphics from G.C.Feser (aka TONG) from whom I've unfortunately heard nothing in a long time :-(

Fruit of the doomFruit of the doom A homage to Wizard of Wor, it was a teamproject in the 1st semester at the FH-Furtwangen.

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