Free software tool for working with image recogntion algorithms for movies in c++


pixalco is a tool for c++ programmers to test image and movie algorithms.
The basic idea is that i was bored writing all the framework stuff each time, when all i wanted to was to access some image data and see the result. With pixalco i can concentrate on the algorithm and don't need to care about the rest.
It is not a library for graphics or a tool usable for anyone beside programmers.
It runs only on linux-systems so far (porting to windows currently not planned, but i try to keep this possibility open).
WARNING: It's still in development and so a lot of things will change in future versions.
If there are any problems, just mail me: info@michaelzeilfelder.de


Pixalco depends on the following development libs to be installed:
- wxWidgets (2.6 since 0.014, 2.4 for older versions)
- ffmpeg (that's libavcodec, libavformat)
Those libs need some more libs themselves, but apt will help you (on non-debian distros it's usually also easy to find out).
Certainly it also needs the gcc (i'm using gcc 4.1.2 right now).

Do NOT use make install (that's not even tested so far and of no use).


extract with: tar xvzf pixalco.tar.gz
Do the usual stuff:
> ./configure
> make
Start with:
You can open now an image or a movie file and select an algorithm to run on them.
Not all Buttons do work yet (for example "movie run" you can only step so far).
If you want to add own algorithms the only way to do is currently to change the sources directly (don't be afraid - it's easy).
A plugin-mechanism is in the works.

Simple examples how algorithms currently have to look like can be found in:

To add your algorithm to PIXALCO, for now you have to add 2 lines to PixalcoApp::OnInit() in src/main.cpp:
Algorithm * dummy = new YourAlgorithm();

You can add your algorithms to the "algtry" files for now.
If you want to use an own file:
1. Use the same includes as algtry.cpp
2. Add an include to your file in main.cpp
3. Include your files in src/Makefile.am




4 March 2007
Currently i'm working on other projects. But i just put pixalco-0.014 online, which can be compiled with wxWidgets 2.6. The plugin-menu is not yet usable.

28 July 2005
In pixalco-0.013 the "Algorithm" classes have changed, looking very different (but a lot better better) now. Still not finished ...