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I'm a freelancer for software architecture and programming

16. June 2020
Bitbucket unfortunately closed down it's mercurial support. So the irr-playground repository has now moved to https://github.com/mzeilfelder/irr-playground-micha
Btw. these years I'm mostly working for Ditt. Still using a lot of Irrlicht in my projects!

25. February 2015
H-Craft Championship for Android just got released on Google play.
Also the source code is now available as open source. I would have enjoyed working on it some more, but it's time for a new project.

19. June 2014
I put a new source repository online last year. It contains mostly code-snippets for my experiments with Irrlicht 3D. Some of it might be useful to others. I'll also move the code from my Irrlicht section there once I find some time.

Furthermore in March we released H-Craft Championship for free on Linux and Windows. I freezed the Android project I was working on originally and decided instead to port that H-Craft racer to the Android platform.

20. February 2014
I've finished my work for SKEPP online at the start of the year. I hope I can work for them again some day, but for now I'll spend a little time developing an own project for Android.

26. November 2010
In case you wonder what I've been up to in the last time - I've been doing a game for Quadriga Games called Willi wills wissen: Bei den Römern. It took nearly 4 months to finish, so I was rather busy over the summer. Now I'm back to working on kantoorplanner a very cool project which is using the Irrlicht 3D engine.

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